Wykwalifikowany personel z wieloletnim doświadczeniem jest gwarancją wysokiej jakości usług serwisowych. Obecnie świadczymy dla Państwa następujące usługi:

Qualified personnel with many years of experience ensures high quality of service. We currently provide the following services:

  1. Consultation with technical advisers of the service center,
  2. Inspections before the warranty expires,
  3. Sale of spare parts,
  4. Warranty service inspections,
  5. Post-warranty inspections and repairs of carrier platforms,
  6. Insurance claim services.
  7. Technical consultancy in the field of bodywork utilization,
  8. Pre-sales inspections,
  9. Technical inspection of used car carriers,
  10. Painting repairs
  11. Partial and complete assembly and repair of carrier platforms,
  12. Assembly of additional elements such as:
    • Reversing cameras
    • Tool boxes
    • Automotive winches
    • Pneumatic cushions
    • Electronic controls
  13. Cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of car carriers and related components,
  14. Technical and commercial training for showroom employees and end users.